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Scammers are looking for victims on online partner exchanges or social networks like Myspace or Facebook, they are going through membership lists or using addresses from Yahoo or MSN Messenger. There one name jack Harrington on a oil rig and he needs money to get off oil rig he wants to come wete I live have not gave address wete I live. My Conversations With Scammers. Will you help us to continue offering our services for free to scam victims worldwide? He asked me to buy him a $500.00 iTunes gift card and said he can’t do it for himself, cause he’s at sea outside the United States. Community Organization. With the creation of every new social media platform comes a new way to scam the people using them. I think my sister is getting cones by vin deisal aka Mark snider. I way outsmarted him. +19729140176, Michael MooreTel 1: +12138025706Email 1:, James TorresTel 1: +447490901514Email 1:, Joshua Scammer Tel 1: +1285034556Tel 2: +442681434049, Scammer Andre Louis / RPO Anthony PecchiTelefon:+14088005402, +447515707716 Ben Clinton / DR Jan LUcas / RPO Dr. Marcus Rhem, Vicar, kelvin4markus@gmail.comsales@dazdequipment.cominfo@dazdequipment.comspain@dazdequipment.compayments@dazdequipment.comSkype-ID:live.cid.c5344b195cfe6847Scammer Kelvin Markus / RPO David White, captainleonard45gmail.comScammer Captain Leonald / RPO Omar Laquidara, Michael Kunz / RPO Kevin Patsel, / RPO Dominique Arnold, Sjögren Laban / RPO Mark Stevens, Harry Cheng / RPO Christophe Choo, jredstephen@gmail.comAsmapaulil921@gmail.comScammer Stephen Jred, antmorg555@gmail.comScammer Anthony Rodriguez Davies / RPO Dr. Demetrios Sengos, +14808427750Steven Mccarryo / RPO Ryan Pashke, Éric Georges, +22555457873+33644661848Maxwell Fontaine / RPO Nicolas Drouet,, Geiger, +12512358296‬Scammer Chris / RPO Macsim BBaker, +15189940080Scammer Andrew Lewis, ClaudeVeron14@gmail+2255690126+33756895320Scammer Claude Veron / RPO Martin Melin, James, unbaseembassy6@gmail.comJanegomes148@gmail.comBryan Leonard Gomes, Mikebtcn@gmail.comScammer Mike Curtis / RPO Joe Duer, Jurgenfriedrich45@gmail.comJürgen Friedrich, clarkdennis637@gmail.comdennisclark642@gmail.comScamprofile / RPO Jordi Fernandez, Byrds, +381637795333B.M. Better Business Bureau. That is why we ask for donations. Anyone know a female Rachel Galindo..wanting to find out if she is a scammer? Soldier who then began asking for … Romance Scams Now is proud to be the Scam Avoidance Education & Victims Support Unit of SCARS (as of July 2017) - visit for more information or to become a member of SCARS | Romance Scams Now™ was originally created independently and transfered to SCARS in July 2017. Es una gran estafa y no parara de mentirte y manipularte hasta conseguir dejarte en la ruina. Es la misma historia por la que un hombre Willson Anthony me ha estafado 7000 euros. El presunto estafador se llamaba Willson Anthony y tenia una hija llamada Vivian. Education Website. Create New Account. Romance scams can pop up in a variety of ways including on social media sites like Facebook or on online dating sites, Poss said. Please consider just $5 to help us help victims. Scamming Scammers Cyber Education. Replies. Facebook Phishing. Military Romance Scams. Remember these photos were stolen from real people! Ten cuidado. Now I no longer date online, whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or anywhere! This would help Scam Info to develop. Even though I knew I was being conned I have continued just to see how far he thinks he can take it. Scam Haters United blog compiled photos of real scammers and the profiles they use to target people online. any know a Dave Kalstrom ffrom Norway lives in georgia usa has a 15 yr old daughter workind as a contractor on an oil rig in north sea off of Scotland im his 60’s, Caira Lopez as been whapping me after talking to me on Facebook saying she needs $25 to buy food I buy an Amazon card and scratch and take a photo and send it to her as anyone come across this person, that’s how she spells her first name but her English is not the best and it more likely it should be spelt “Ciara”. Safety Engineer and subsea Engineers….but first …how do I proceed to find out if the photos are stolen from Ghanean scammers with a ton of lovely photos from two individuals…I have names and photos…but not if the scammers of course …indeed to find out…I lost $15,000.00CAD….and this will hurt me forever! I’m trying to help a local orphanage. 2020 ~ REAL FACES BEHIND THE SCAMS ... IS A FAKE ACCOUNT SCAMMING ON FACEBOOK Here is the Nigerian scammer lying and stealing 'Dremo Black' ... which I eventually paid off. Leider gibt … Es wimmelt hier nur so von Betrügern bei Facebook. I Think I am being scammed, started in fb said he was a marine engineer for chevron goes by Paul M Ray born Berlin /Germany living in London, hes real good this guy !! Romance scams can pop up in a variety of ways including on social media sites like Facebook or on online dating sites, Poss said. Accessed Sept. 24, 2020. But this was all before I learned about romance scams. In fact, many military romance scams originate on social media rather than through online dating sites, though both platforms have their fair … Chelsea has been a direct victim of romance scams herself losing over $35,000 in a span of a year in 2015. by Chelsea King. !still talking first time wanted to put a pension into my account, if I didn’t trust him then to open another account empty, now into 4 weeks he now says hes been robbed in Germany whist on a contract there , im just waiting for him to ask for money ,so does any one know a paul ray from London I have lots of photos . Soy española y me han estafado con esa misma historia 7000 euros. This Lewis guy must have found the general area I live in, where I was born etc, He really studied my profile and obviously did some research. Reply. Watch Social Catfish's latest video: Top 5 Military Romance Scams Happe… Read More Replies. There are plenty of young Ghanaian men and women who spend their days on Facebook and dating sites looking for divorced and widowed women and men on the other side of the world who they can scam. Phishing is the act of impersonating a service to convince a target to give up their login credentials. It was obvious they were all a hoax but this one guy Lewis Glenn, he’s good, oh yeah. In der Beschreibung … 186 talking about this. Anyone know an Angela Boyard in France posing as Elodie Vedrine, IT started on Facebook army sergeant Delbert byes claimed he was widowed after a few weeks said he was falling for me after a while he was asking for money to get him home so he could be me and would love to meet my family and also meet his children and he’d need some money to get home like fool l helped as I’d become very fond of him anyway after I’d made a payment to him by money gram which sent to Turkey but he needed more as taxes had fine up to send a brief case to release him from the army this when on for a while l ended up sending a totel of 22000 to him it was then l was told he was scammer and lived in Nigeria I’ve now no savings left and now in debt, Sie brauchten die Summe von 1950 USD, um das Online-Konto zu erstellen und mein Geld an Sie zu überweisen Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Scamwatch. Scammer Leo Brassfield / RPO Alejandro PalladioJordan Ryan / RPO Alejandro Palladio / Real Face KellyScammer Neuherz773 / RPO Alejandro, John Robert / RPO Wolfgang GermTel 1: +447723592898, Scammer Adams / RPO Marley Alejandro WiebeEmail, Scammer Ralph Alex ZimmermannTel 1:+447729706302Tel 2:+60146786480Tel 3:+60176837359Tel 4:+601151578671Email 1:engineere79@gmailcom, Martin Garnier/RPO Victor Aldana MaestreTel 1: 0033644670215+3364670215Tel 2: 0033788392068+33788392068Tel 3: 0033644678826+33644678826Email 1:martingarnier8756@gmail.comEmail 2:poirierm25@gmal.comEmail, Scammer Chris Johnson / RPO Alan Smith Tel 1: +12015652736, Junjie Li / RPO Innes.TangTel 1:+12019875568Tel 2: +905541746345Email 1:jujie6543@gmail.comSkype ID: live:.cid.688d8a9aee5d34f7Name:Sekretär İsa BARMANBAYTel 1:Email: barmanbay10101@gmail.comEmail:transcorpxpress@deliveryman.comPHONE NUMBER +39500000090, David Dubai / RPO Arnold HanschekTel 1: +12133525840, Paul Germain / RPO Tozzy Perreira de CamposEmail, Cox Knight / RPO Isak LeviTel 1: +447448341283Email, Franck Morel / RPO Etienne BoulayEmail, Scammer Lucas / RPO Matt WardEmail 1:, Danielo Fuentes / RPO Christiano BordoniTel 1: +33756900799Email, Scammer James Oliver / RPO Dave KarrakerTel 1: +41225189443Email, George / RPO Roumerito OliveiraTel 1: +14237777901 Alex RichardTel 1: +2347054078750 George, Daniel Barry / RPO Luís Eduardo OliveiraTel 1: +14242839675Email, James jakub / RPO James W. GollTel 1: +352671544672, Scammer Andrew FishburneTel 1: +4917488428774Email, James Kakas /RPO Prinz Harry Winston MountbattenTel 1: +447442111867, Scammer Jean-Marc Carpentier / RPO Philip NimmoTel 1: +33756856658Email 1:Jeanmarccarpentier@gmail.com, Chris PillarsTel 1:+13234253121Email 1:chrispillars77777@gmail.comWeitere erwähnte Personen:Name:Tel 1:00447547177280Email:colerummy3@gmail.comJohnson Philip085714506710 (Geschäftsnr)+16514198313 (Handy privat), Frank Avin / RPO Dr. Steven DayanTel 1:+15185004732, Duke Brown / RPO Cody HendricksTel 1:+22991035236Website:, Billy Idol 677 / RPO Billy IdolEmail 1:ibilly350@gmail.comWeitere erwähnte Personen:Name: www.evergreencargos.comTel, Lexy Brown / RPO Dr. Fatih DağdelenEmail 1:lexy51555@gmail.comEmail 2:elviswilson7@gmail.comRPO Dr. Fatih Dağdelen, Markus MullerTel 1: +48732100399Email 1:,, Scammer Louis MeschenTel 1: 01621583788Email 1:, Jing WangTel 1: +270110747587Tel 2: +447937053334Lieferfirma:LakeDoors Global Services31 State St., Boston, MA 02109, USA+270110747587+447937053334, Edwin Jonath BauerTel 1: +43670308054Fake homepage:, Patel DeenEmail 1:, Alex EdakTel 1: +12138062629Tel 2: +13612013737Email 1:, Darren Burnell+46735888507+4917694971672+447789596575+233201415910+233244112213+4917662176503-41795912024E-Mail, Ryan GrahamTel 1: +12403489753Email 1:, WilsonTelnr. shekel ornald bodye is a scammer from bahamas, his own comments on facebook ask for social security numbers and or identities and tells girls how to learn to do “business” with him and that social number also has been said that sells drugs etc….see the youtube videos Andreas / RPO Andreas Scheuer, +33644664716 Xavier / RPO Reynaldo Gianecchini, polizei.interpoliert1@gmail.compolizei.interpoliert35@gmail.comPatrick, Jean-Marc Bracciavo, Muller, +14706732204Scamprofile / RPO Op. DESMOND KENNEDY / RPO David E.G. Interest. It starts on face book then they lead you to a chat site,Mark Vincent Sinclair AKA Vin Diesel They need help their credit card isn’t working. Here's what to look for and how to avoid falling for them. Related Pages. Facebook. Dating and romance scams often take place through online dating websites, but scammers may also use social media or email to make contact. Whichever is true, falling for one can be devastating. Flaunted 5.5 Million dollars to me on google Hangout, plus a diamond ring. Romance scams occur when a criminal adopts a fake online identity to gain a victim’s affection and trust. While Facebook phishing is ultimately no different from any other kind of phishing, it’s significant because some of the other scams on this list rely heavily on compromised accounts. Soy española y me han estafado 7000 euros con una historia parecida. Reply Delete. Anyway I did sent him a stupid $25 ITUNES card, pic of front and back. We would appreciate any financial help you can afford. Boy he wouldn’t leave me alone until I sent it. I opened a new FB profile as my phone crashed. I translated and it talks about an account he created to send money. Facebook is one of the biggest problem sites, but these days, Instagram has become a big problem for scams of all kinds. ScamHaters United. Diese Seite soll Helfen Betrüger zu Erkennen . Facebook Messenger scams are "rare," according to Facebook. Now I no longer date online, whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or anywhere! También puede usar el botón Traducir para traducir todas las páginas al Español. The following two tabs change content below. Making lonely people aware of scammers and their different tactics. Whichever is true, falling for one can be devastating. Reply Delete.

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